Pets Remembered believes in taking care of your entire family, this includes your extended animal family.  If you wish to post an online memorial for a lost best friend, please email us the story of your loved one along with any pictures you would like to include.  We will post them for you here so you can share the memory of your faithful companion with others.
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In Loving Memory of Neo Maximus Treece 


We brought Neo into our home & lives on the first week of December, 2008. He was an absolutely adorable puppy . From the time he entered our lives , until the time he passed , he served our family as an alarm system , guard dog & member of our family . He watched over both of our daughters & my wife , as if his life depended on it. He did everything that was asked of him & he gave out so much love to all of us. He is & will always be missed in our home & lives ! He was an absolutely wonderful dog & an even better friend !!! Miss you Buddy!


In Loving Memory of Tucker "Pickle"

 "Tucker was the "pickle" Christmas gift for our five kids five years ago. He was the softest, sweetest kitty with a non-aggressive personality. We frequently found him curled up in the oddest places. The kids joked that he wasn't the brightest cat because when they chased him he'd lie down, but he was actually pretty smart. When I'd call "Yo cat!" Tucker would gallop to see me. His bed was next to my computer. He'd sleep or supervise as I typed. He was such a nice kitty it was hard to say goodbye to him. The house is much quieter without him.Thank you, Skip and Pets Remembered, for providing this forum."



In Loving Memory of Kitty


"Kitty was adopted from the Humane Society in Dayton, OH.  I took her home to be a companion for my Golden Retriever.  They loved each other right away.  Kitty had been fostered in a home with dogs.  She was a beautiful Tortoiseshell, with such pretty markings on her face.  She was loving and always wanted her chin and ears rubbed.  She also snored, most of the time, and we would mute the TV just to laugh & listen to the snoring!  We loved her and were so thankful we had Dr. Pflum and Pets Remembered support when she died at 16 years old."



In loving memory of Bambi

1996 - 2010

Thank you for taking care of my little dog Bambi this weekend after she died at Pets and Vets on Friday. Even though she was at least 14 years old and I had spent 12 wonderful years as a part of her life, it was hard to let her go.
    She was a spunky, sweet, little girl who always found a way to adapt cheerfully to whatever situation life threw at her. I was proud of the ribbons she won in obedience and agility competitions, but I was most proud of the work she did as a part of Caring Paws Therapy.
   For two years, she was one of the dogs who greeted and worked with kids at the Trails of Hope Camp. One year, she was the "on call" dog overnight and became a special confident for a young boy. Another year, she was a "greeter" dog for kids who were arriving at camp. Whatever she was asked to do, she did it with great joy and enthusiasm. Yet she could be quiet and gentle and comforting with kids who needed that quiet, gentle, support.
   I am enclosing a picture of Bambi as an attachment. Please post it on your Pets Remembered website.
   In memory of That Rascal Bambi, Miniature Australian Shepherd, born 1996(?), adopted May 17, 1999; died October 29, 2010.