See What Our Pet Families Are Saying About Us! 


Jenine (Lafayette, IN)

"I think it's a wonderful service you provide to the community."

Bob & Rose (Lafayette, IN)

"Our experience was very postive in light of our loss.  The staff were very professional and caring.  It was very nice to receive cards/letter of sympathy from staff - a very nice touch!  Thank you for your professional attentiveness!"

Leslie (Attica, IN)

"Very quick and proffessional.  Thank you for treating my Furboy as family!"

Lisa (Indianapolis, IN)

"Thank you so much for the compasionate way you handled my Finn.  All of my dealings were done via phone and I was so pleased with the wooden box that holds my babies remains."

Debbie (Plainfield, IN)

"I love the wooden box her ashes are storred in."

Sue (Monon, IN)

"We were very pleased with the service and treatment we get with the loss of our dog Spudz.  Thanks again for all you did for us."

David & Melissa (Brookston, IN)

"We had our dog cremated 2 years ago, by a different company.  It took a week to get him back (2 days for you) and his remains were not in a box as nice as yours.  Loved donation to Purdue to help other animals in need." 

Pamela (Lafayette, IN)

"It was nice the service you provided.  We have his remains which remind us what a good pet and pal he was.  Thanks you!"

Christina (Louisville, KY)

"Tank was beyond a special dog to me - he was my heart dog.  I compete with my dogs, so am very close to all of them, but I had beyond a special bond with Tank.  Thank you for taking careof himand for the lovely urn, flowers to plant, and especially the donation to Purdue in Tank's name.  How you handled everything was top notch and it meant a lot to me!"

Leslie (West Lafayette, IN )

"Thank you for being so kind, compassionate, and quick.  Just becasue I work at a vet clinic and assist with euthanasias frequently it doesn't mean putting down my Andi was any easier.  i am greatful that Pets Remembered is located here.  Thank you Scott and everyone with Pets Remembered."

Teresa (West Lafayette, IN)

"Our experience with Pets Remembered has been very positive.  The expressions of condolences through tokens and letters were very much appreciated.  Buster currently rests in the beautiful wooden box provided by your service for his ashes.  We may choose to scatter then later, but for now it is a comfort to have him close by. 

Alice (Noblesville, IN)

Molly was a member of the family, and her sudden illness and severe neck pain was awful to experience.  The student and doctor at Purdue were wonderful, and so was my experience with Pets Remembered.  Molly's remains, in such a lovely box, are on my mantle, and the seeds will be planted.  Thank you for your kind words and compassion.  I am better in my grieving and I have great memories of the time shared with Molly.

Karen (Lafayette, IN)

"Sophie was a very special pet/friend.  It was very comforting to me to be able to have her returned to me.  I had her for 14 years and she was a large part of my daily life.  I'm grateful you worked with my Vet to take care of the details that wold have been very difficult at that time.  Thank you for such a wonderful service to "pet" parents like me!!"

Eileen (Lafayette, IN)

"Your service provides comfort at a very difficult time.  We have lost 3 of our cats in 14 months and it has been heart-breaking.  Having their remains provides some comfort ad we are very greatful for your service.  Thank you for caring!!"

Cindy (Lafayette, IN)

"Purdue Vet Hospital was very compassionate.  I trusted them very much.  They offered me 2 choices of cremation but they recommended yours.  When I found out it was local through Hippensteel I jumped at the chance.  I could tell that when I got him back that you cared for him very much.  The certificate verifing it was him helped to calm my stressful nerves.  Knowing it was done through you I knew I could trust that indeed it was Warf.  The box you presented him back in was indeed beautiful.  Before I got him back I didn't know for sure where to put him.  The family room where his favorite couch was or the bedroom where he loved sleeping with me.  As soon as I saw the beautiful box I knew he belonged in the bedroom.  Now I can say good morning and goodnight to him ever day.  Thank you for the excellent care that I am positive that you took of my beloved Warf.  I have recommended you already to several of my animal loving friends and have shown them pictures of your proffesional service.  Love, Cindy Cox, Mother of Warf, Smokey & Miss Amelia"

Tina (Chalmers, IN)

"Betweeen Pets Remembered and Battle Ground Vet, I couldn't of done this.  All you guys were awesome and made my loss of Fancy easier.  I tell everyone about it and will usethe services again if I ever get another pet."

Chris  (Lafayette, IN)

"You are caring, compassionate, and top-notch!"Thank you for everything.  From my initial phone call to picking up the ashes, I couldn't have asked for anything better!"

Eileen  (Lafayette, IN)

"I am very grateful that your service exsits.  You were highly recommended to meby Dawn Berry at VCA.  It is wonderful that you have recognized a need for this service.  This is the second time in less than a year that we have lost a beloved family pet & member. The paw print is a wonderful idea - most treasured!"

Barb  (Lafayette, IN)

"Although our dog was 15.5 years old and in failing health, his death from natural causes was still difficult to deal with.  The staff at the vet clinic were very compassinate, but I was pleasently suprised with the "extras" that came with Tigger's ashes.  Thank you for the well-done paw print, the floral butterfly and brochures.  Your caring gestures helped in a difficult time."


Julie  (Fort Wayne, IN)

"I was impressed with how quickly I got my boy back - within a week.  I also really like the nice wooden box.  I've had others - one came in a plain metal can, the other in nothing.  I was also impressed with the kind letter & offer of counseling."


Theresa (West Lafayette, IN)

"We were so happy with your service.  Im so glad we have your service in our community.  Please don't ever stop doing what you have done fo us.  It doesn't make us complete again, but I was able to bring him home where he belongs with his family where he is warm and loved.  Thank you Scott. God Bless."

 James and Mary (Lafayette, IN)

"I can't tell you how much it meant to me to be able to receive Brittany back home & in such a beautiful wooden box.  She sits on my nightstand next to my bed.  Such a comforting feeling when I see/hold that box.  Losing my best friend after 16 years that stayed by my side, I will be able to remain having her there becasue of you.  Thanks for returning her to me the very next day.  I'm totally lost without her.  God Bless!"


Jeanie (West Lafayette, IN) 

"The box for Mattie's remains is almost as beautiful as she was.  This is the 2nd pet we have loost in the past 7 weeks.  I wish we would have known about your service when we lost our first pet.  He was also cremated, but the container was no t so nice."

Rochelle (Lafayette, IN) 

"The box was so beautiful.  It was way beyond my expectations, and too beautiful to bury.  The turnaround time was incredible.  Thank you so much.  I have already recommended your service with high praise." 


Carrie (Lafayette, IN)

"I really appreciate your timely service.  It was so nice to have my kitty back the next day rather than waiting a month or more for other services as I have seen some clients do.  I also appreciate the little "extras" (paw print and angel seeds) it really shows you know how much our pets mean to us.  Thank You!" 


Jane & Ron (Schaumburg, IL)

"This is so very belated, but it was never far from my mind, and we will be forever greatful for the care you showed our beloved dalmation Lilly and us.  She was our girl with the joyful spirit.  It was espicially difficult to lose her when she had so much life yet to live.  I beleive it was Barb I spoke to over the phone and who left us kind, informative messages after we had called at times you weren't able to answer in person.  So that you may know how much we appreciated your care and compassion, our older dalmation Molly will be turning 15 this December.  She's doing pretty well, but of course, is slowing down and has some age-related problems.  When her time comes, I wish we lived closer to you so we could entrust her to your care as well.  Thank you for understanding that our pets are members of our families, and for providing services for them too.  Thank you also for your donation to Purdue.  We continue to support their work also."  With Thanks, Jane & Ron